Mentor Workshops

It takes a village to raise a child.

Our Mentor Workshops recruit and develop community coaches, mentors, workshop facilitators and aspiring community leaders.

It is our aim to match our Heroes with Mentors in the community. 

Mentor Workshops run concurrently with the Hero Workshops within activated LifeChanger communities, following the same structure of four workshops, and culminating in a celebratory community Tribe event.

Selection Workshop

⦁ Mentoring basics

⦁ Encouraging high potential Mentors to continue

⦁ Competitive selection – Mentors complete an application

Junior Mentor Workshop

⦁ Selected applicants from Level 1 undertake more advanced mentor training

⦁ Promising Junior Mentors invited to facilitate and lead small groups in upcoming Hero Workshops

⦁ Competitive selection – by invitation, Junior Mentors/Facilitators selected to continue to Level 3

Senior Mentor Workshop

⦁ Instructed by our most capable Lead Facilitators

⦁ Top performing Junior Facilitators are invited to lead entire Hero Workshop in their community

Community Leader Development

⦁ Top performing Senior Facilitators are invited to become LifeChanger Community Leaders

⦁ Ongoing leadership development and financial compensation provided

Are you an aspiring Mentor or Leader in your community? Get in touch today.