Teen Workshops

Teen Workshops are for 11-15 year olds and are delivered within activated LifeChanger communities by our experienced and qualified Lead Facilitators.

Each Workshop in the Awaken the Hero experience is directly related to our Five Pillars of positive self identity.

Our Heroes are taken through each pillar in an interactive, energetic format, all culminating in a celebratory community event acknowledging the Tribe pillar.


⦁ Movement
⦁ Nutrition
⦁ Recovery


⦁ Goal Setting
⦁ Problem Solving
⦁ Resilience
⦁ Gratitude


⦁ Values
⦁ Talents
⦁ Strengths & Weaknesses
⦁ Self-awareness


⦁ Passion
⦁ Purpose
⦁ Pathway


⦁ Family
⦁ Friends
⦁ Mentors
⦁ Community

Do you know a teen who might be interested? Get in touch today for more information, or take a look at our information booklet available here.