LifeChanger Challenge Tasmania

A Life Changing Journey combining a six week training block with an inspiring 5-day trek. 

Led by Trevor Hendy (Australian Sports Hall of Fame) and Mark George (7-Summits Adventurer) participants will be flown into remote Tasmania to experience a physical, spiritual and mental challenge like no other. 

Join our inspiring LifeChanger Ambassadors on this unique, once in a lifetime experience to Tasmania's 'South Coast Track'. 

The 'South Coast Track' is one of Australia’s most challenging and spectacular walks spanning 89 kilometres of wild unspoilt wilderness, remote untouched beaches, pristine rivers and towering rainforests.

The LifeChanger Challenge Tasmania will challenge and inspire!

LifeChanger Challenge participants support the LifeChanger Foundation through their generous donations.

When: October 18th to 23rd
Where: South Coast Track, Tasmania

Join our Incredible LifeChanger Ambassadors  

Ali Day - Iron Man

Ali Day - Iron Man

Karla Gilbert - SUP World Champion

Karla Gilbert - SUP World Champion

Shae Brown - Netball Star

Shae Brown - Netball Star

Robbie Kearns - NRL Champion

Robbie Kearns - NRL Champion

6-week Training Program

When: September 1st - October 17th
Where: NBL Team, Melbourne United high performance training academy. 

  • Monitored training program including gym sessions and team walks
  • Select training sessions at ProSport Health and Fitness altitude room and gym
  • Weekly yoga and meditation classes led by Jayne Hope, founder of Fuelife
  • Personalised nutrition assessment and plan by Karla Gilbert, Nutrition and Health Coach
  • Individual training guidance from 6 time Iron Man Trevor Hendy
  • Train with LifeChanger Ambassadors and Mentors each week
  • Mystery weekly guests joining team training sessions
  • Workout tracking and team communication through Strava

Your LifeChanger Challenge Leaders

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Trevor Hendy

Trevor Hendy was regarded as one of Australia’s greatest ever athletes and amongst the fittest men on the planet.  His chosen sport of Ironman racing saw him win an unprecedented 6 Australian Ironman Championships and 4 World Championships. 

Trevor walked away from sport at 29 years of age, simply stating “I have grown to love helping others win their gold medal far more than chasing my own”.

Trevor is highly regarded as a public speaker with his transparency, clarity, soul minded approach and inspirational outlook becoming a life changer for many who have witnessed him speak.

You can glean a wonderful understanding of Trevor and his work, simply by pondering his 2 life mottos, “The conditions are always perfect” and “Bring it into now and never underestimate the power of who you are”.

Mark George

Mark is one of few people to climb the seven summits - the tallest peaks of each continent.

He has climbed extensively in Nepal (Everest 2005 and 2008), Tibet (Cho Oyu), the European Alps, Alaska, the Andes, Africa, Antarctica, New Zealand and Australia.

In 2012, in just over 7½ weeks he became the first and only Australian to reach the South Pole solo and unsupported on skis from the Antarctic coast.

Amongst other adventures he has skied to the North Pole, sea-kayaked across Bass Strait leaving from Apollo Bay and recently completed a world record 651km unsupported crossing over 1000 sand dunes dragging 200 kilograms of water behind him in the Simpson Desert.