LifeChanger is a Tier 1 Australian charitable foundation, founded in 2017 by Scott Watters and Trevor Hendy.

LifeChanger Foundation aims to ‘awaken the hero’ that lives within Australian youth. Our mission is to create a generational shift in our society.

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Because the problems young Australians are dealing with have been getting worse. Youth suicide remains the number one killer of young Australians. Up to 75% of mental illness is emerging before twenty-five years of age. There has been over 36,000 criminal offences by young Australians in Melbourne in the last twelve months alone. LifeChanger refuses to consider worsening trends such as these as a coincidence. We address the issues and inspire Australian youths towards a better tomorrow.

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We provide an opportunity to pair every young Australian with a mentor. This promotes a positive self-identity and instills a necessary ‘can do’ attitude within those who will lead tomorrow; empowering these young people’s access to a happier life with true fulfilment. We aim to ensure that this change is sustained through support networks within a diverse range of communities.

We achieve this through our delivery model. This includes a combination of face-to-face workshops for kids, mentor workshops/training, and a digital platform experience that supports the outcomes of each. LifeChanger’s philosophical approach is based on our five pillars of positive psychology and strength-based theory.

LifeChanger works with communities to run workshops in local areas, creating a network of community leaders to assist in building a systematic, sustainable cycle of mentorship and generational outcomes.

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Since forming in 2017,  we are on track to activating communities in nearly every state in Australia.

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LifeChanger programs work to combine face-to-face workshops with digital platform engagement. Our programs are designed to directly identify and develop coaches, leaders and mentors who live within the community. This approach is unique to LifeChanger and has been overseen by psychologists in the pursuit to build positive self-identity for our participants.

Our digital platform, Awaken the Hero, not only includes inspirational content and exclusive digital experiences and challenges, but also contains a Hero Tracker. This survey, largely based on the Australian Wellbeing Index developed in 2001 by Australian Unity and Australian Centre on Quality of Life at Deakin University, assists us to measure outcomes of the workshops, and means we have a unique point of difference in our ability to eventually safely share this insight with communities – providing live, enriching data about their local youth.

Don’t hesitate to begin! As we enter communities we’ll hold information sessions where you can register interest for our Teen Workshops and our Mentor Development Program.

You can also donate today. We ensure any contribution made by you, will go towards the positive difference that young Australians need today.

Several times a year, we run exclusive fundraising challenges with incredible LifeChanger Ambassadors. Rediscover your own journey through our Challenges – turn inwards while looking outwards. So if you or your organisation are up for a challenge – check out our LifeChanger Challenge Series.

Email us at info@lifechanger.org.au or visit our Contact Us page. Alternatively, the footer on our website includes links to our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn where you can contact via messaging on each.  

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