LCC#1 'South Coast Track' - Tasmania
18 - 23 October, 2017

Toughest track in Australia

For me, Winston Churchill's quote, "If you're in hell, keep going", sums up my feelings about the South Coast Track.
- James Harding (Founder, Hard Cuddles)

LifeChanger Challenge #1 South Coast Track, Tasmania - October 2017

Scott Watters (LifeChanger Founder), Trevor Hendy (Australian Sports Hall of Fame) and Mark George (7-Summits Adventurer) led 21 participants 89km on, arguably, Australia's most difficult track in the remote and pristine wilderness of southern Tasmania to raise funds and awareness for LifeChanger Foundation.

South Coast Track is one of Australia’s most challenging and spectacular walks.

A combination of rare beauty, wild untouched beaches, pristine rivers, towering rainforests and the majestic Ironbound Ranges, it is stunning and remote.

LifeChanger Ambassadors Karla Gilbert (four-time Ironwoman), Robbie Kearns (NRL Legend) and Eric Wilson (Polar Guide and International Explorer) joined the team, sharing experiences and inspiring all.

The purpose, group connection and the extreme challenge, made LCC#1 a LifeChanging experience!

LifeChanger Foundation thanks all LCC#1 participants for their generosity and support of LifeChanger Foundation.

Funds raised supported: LCC#1 setup costs, pilot workshops for kids and mentors, and digital platform development.