'so extraordinary it is almost unbelievable … few islands, surely, can be so accessible, so remarkable, yet so unspoilt'*

Lifechanger’s “7 peaks and 7 seas Lord Howe Island Challenge” will take in the best sites and experiences of this world heritage listed natural wonder.  With 7 stunning peaks to climb and 7 incredible bays, swimming holes and natural aquatic wonders to explore, you will be needing every one of the 4 World class meals offered daily at Pinetrees resort.

*David Attenborough

Lord Howe Island is an island paradise in every sense of the word.  Fringed by the World’s most southern Coral Reef and benefiting from the warm East Coast current, the island is full of some of the most diverse, beautiful and unique flora, fauna and marine life.  With the mist forest covered Mt Gower and Mt Lidgebird rising straight up out of the ocean at it’s southern tip, the east coast bays and sandy beaches, the northern peaks of North Head and Mount Eliza and the coral fringed lagoon of the West Coast, the 11km long Island is an adventurers paradise.

No Mobile phone reception, no television, push bikes for transport and an island to explore, your days will be spent reconnecting with nature, reconnecting with those primal rhythms that slip away from us in the busy, dog eat dog world and connecting with some other incredible people.

This is a unique way to see one of the true bucket list destinations of the world.  Pinetrees resort, voted Trip Advisor’s Australian hotel of the year for the last 2 years and people’s choice winner, will be your home for the week.  You will be guided by an inspirational team of local legends and Iconic Australian ambassadors, including Island adventure veteran and legend, Dean Hiscox and Lifechanger Founding Partners, Scott Watters and Trevor Hendy.  You will be joined by a touring party of like minded people, looking to give back, immerse fully in the experience and come away with a truly Lifechanging experience. This is one not to be missed.

A little of what you will experience.

1.    Paddling journey through Admiralty Arch

2.    Exploring Old Gulch and the Herring Pools.

3.    Swimming with sharks in Comet’s Hole.

4.    Swimming with Turtles in North Bay.

5.    Fluorescent night snorkel in Erskit’s passage.

6.    Climbing to the “goathouse” cave on Mt. Lidgebird.

7.    Walking the Kim’s to Mallabar cliffs, experiencing the jaw dropping view.

8.    A triumphant ascent of Mount Gower with a bit of a local’s only experience.

9.    Rocky Run to Boat Harbour swim/hike challenge.

10.A few surprise unique experiences.

THE CHALLENGE : 7 peaks and 7 seas Lord Howe Island Challenge

Dates : SEPTEMBER 16 - 23, 2018

Join some incredible LifeChanger Ambassadors:

  • a multiple ARIA award winner
  • a world champion/Olympian athlete
  • a masterchef extraordinaire
  • a great outdoors animal expert and chopper pilot
  • a 6 time Australian Ironman
  • a respected indigenous elder



6 week monitored training program

Train and trek with inspiring LifeChanger Ambassadors

Individual training guidance from 6 x Ironman and Australian Sports hall of fame legend Trevor Hendy

Personalised nutrition assessment and plan from Karla Gilbert 4 x Ironwoman, Nutrition and Health Coach

Weekly yoga and meditation classes overseen by Jayne Hope, founder of Fuelife

Nutritional Supplements from Melrose Health

Workout tracking and support through team training app Strava

Fundraising support and guidance from

LifeChanger Fundraising events



Flight from your nearest capital city

All Transport 

All Accommodation 

All Food

Join our LifeChanger ambassadors for LCC3 - Trevor Hendy and Scott Watters



Video diary of your LifeChanger Challenge 

Final Night Celebratory Dinner

Life-changing experiences, life-long connections and lasting memories



CONTRIBUTION : Personal Donation 15k + 5k SUPPORTED Fund-raising Target.



FUNDS RAISED support :

community workshops  I  stage 2 DIGital Platform I staffing & resource growth

Mobile Phone Number
Mobile Phone Number

Meet some of our incredible LifeChanger Ambassadors

  Robbie Kearns - NRL Legend     LCC1 LCC2

Robbie Kearns - NRL Legend


  Layne Beachley - 7 x World Surfing Champion     LCC4

Layne Beachley - 7 x World Surfing Champion


  Karla Gilbert - Ironwoman/SUP World Champion     LCC1 LCC2

Karla Gilbert - Ironwoman/SUP World Champion


  Dermott Brereton - AFL Legend     LCC2

Dermott Brereton - AFL Legend


  Ali Day - Iron Man/5 x Coolongatta Gold Winner     LCC4

Ali Day - Iron Man/5 x Coolongatta Gold Winner


  Shae Brown - Netball Champion

Shae Brown - Netball Champion


Your LifeChanger Challenge Leaders in 2018

59-20 - Version 2.jpeg

Scott Watters - CEO | Founder

CEO and Founder, Scott Watters is a respected leader with over 30 years experience in organisational and individual development, teaching, coaching and executive team performance.

His diverse range of experiences encompass leading a number of elite sporting teams at both State and National level including the WA State team, Subiaco FC and AFL Clubs Collingwood FC and STK FC. 

In 132 years of WA football no other coach has achieved a  higher winning percentage. This included 3 consecutive Grand Finals and 2 Premierships between 2007-2009. Scott was an elite level sportsman himself, playing 10 years of AFL football.

Scott's mentoring experience extends to counselling and educating within juvenile detention centres. His 3 years of full time mentoring work at Banksia Hill Detention Centre, provided a unique perspective on the challenges facing adolescents. 

Trevor Hendy - Programs | Director

Trevor Hendy was regarded as one of Australia’s greatest ever athletes and amongst the fittest men on the planet.  In his chosen sport of Ironman racing he won an unprecedented 6 Australian Ironman Championships and 4 World Championships. 

Trevor walked away from sport at 29 years of age, simply stating “I have grown to love helping others win their gold medal far more than chasing my own”.

Trevor is highly regarded as a public speaker with his transparency, clarity, soul minded approach and inspirational outlook becoming a life changer for many who have witnessed him speak.

You can glean a wonderful understanding of Trevor and his work, simply by pondering his 2 life mottos, “The conditions are always perfect” and “Bring it into now and never underestimate the power of who you are”.

South Coast 2017 Eric P 51.JPG

Mark George - Trek Leader

Mark is one of few people to climb the seven summits - the tallest peaks of each continent.He has climbed extensively in Nepal (Everest 2005 and 2008), Tibet (Cho Oyu), the European Alps, Alaska, the Andes, Africa, Antarctica, New Zealand and Australia.

In 2012, in just over 7½ weeks he became the first and only Australian to reach the South Pole solo and unsupported on skis from the Antarctic coast.

Amongst other adventures he has skied to the North Pole, sea-kayaked across Bass Strait leaving from Apollo Bay and recently completed a world record 651km unsupported crossing over 1000 sand dunes dragging 200 kilograms of water behind him in the Simpson Desert.

Eric Philips - Trek Leader

Eric is a polar adventurer dedicated to exploring the vast and varied icescapes that typify our polar regions. His outdoor career spans more than 25 years during which time he worked professionally as an IPGA Master Polar Guide, outdoor educator, film maker, motivational speaker, team facilitator and musician. As an adventurer he has visited every continent on Earth, often leading lightweight and self-supported expeditions to remote areas. He has explored the world's four largest icecaps and was the first Australian, together with companion Jon Muir, to ski to both the North and South Poles, locations that  since visited many times as a polar guide.

In 1999 he wrote the book, Icetrek. The Bitter Journey to the South Pole and his expeditions have produced four internationally-screened documentary films, most notably, the Emmy Award-winning Greenland production, Chasing the Midnight Sun.


Rick Rifici - Trek Cinematographer

Rick Rifici is an award-winning Australian Director of Photography with over 30 years experience in the film and television industry.  Based in Australia, Rick is a world-class cinematographer with a unique body of work that reflects his love of motion pictures and his passion as an avid waterman.

Drawing on skills and disciplines from his roots in broadcast television, Rick has progressed to become one of the world's most highly regarded and sough-after land, air and water cinematographer having worked on numerous feature films and international TVC spots in recent years, in addition to his ongoing work in action sports films and documentaries.



Jayne Hope - Trek Yogi/Meditation Guru

Jayne Hope is the founder of “fuelifeyoga” where the approach is to work on aligning the body, mind and soul.

“We work on shifting our focus from the ‘rat race’ day-to-day scrambled view, to an eagle-eye view - a place of wisdom. We aim to build new healthy mind and body habits, creating a soft wedge of “space” to check in with ourselves “planting seeds of positivity” and setting intentions so we can thrive.”

Jayne draws on her Health educator credentials, the reality of life as a Corporate Escapee, life experiences as a mum and an expat adjusting to life in 3 countries and her greatest challenge – an unexpected cancer diagnosis. She draws on all her experience to assist people to make a positive shift to their current health and life mindset.  After all, life is about loving life and living it.

Testimonials from LCC#1....


The last 2 years of my life has been very challenging.  I fought cancer & won amongst extreme adversity but nothing challenged me more than our LC trek to Tasmania. I have made lifelong friends and have a new lease on life after spending 5 days with the most incredible people I have ever met. Thank you  



One of the hardest adventures I have done. Strong bonds were formed with an amazing group of inspirational people.

Perfect example of"Everywhere you go becomes a part of you"

Loved it



After 89ks, numerous serious hill climbs, one mountain summit, thigh high mud and lots of blood sucking leeches I made it!! Tears flowed with painful joy and astonishment that I had just completed something so momentous. This will go down as a wonderful adventure story to share with our grandchildren. It was truly a LifeChanger and has given me new appreciation for just how powerful the human spirit is. 



An epic journey. It was set up to be a massive challenge and that is exactly what it turned out to be. So proud of everyone and what we achieved together. Now the LifeChanger mission commences!



Lifechanger challenge No.1 was an unbelievable adventure that not only promoted recalibration of the mindspace but a platform to connect with an amazing bunch of humans. All inspired by a desire to help awaken the unlimited power that lives within all youth, it was a gentle reminder to us all that anything is possible x



LCC 1 was a profound journey of discovery and challenge in spectacular remote Tasmanian wilderness. 21 LifeChanger participants fuelled by purpose and connection transcended what should have been possible. Completely humbled by people's generosity of spirit!



I am incredibly proud to have been involved in the first Lifechanger Challenge as it was truely an extra ordinary experience.

I loved the rare opportunity of connecting with an amazing group of people who are passionate about making a difference in the world. 

We trekked through the most breathtaking and pristine natural environment which provided a handsome dose of physical and mental challenges.

It doesn’t get any better than that!



After spending 5 days in the Wild South West of Tassie with 20 amazing people in what can only be described as challenging conditions I found out more about myself in these 5 days than I have in the previous 45 years of my life. I was taken to the edge both physically and mentally many times during the 89kms but the positive attitude coming from my fellow trekkers was nothing short of amazing. Was it fun… NO. Was it rewarding, Absolutely. The woman on the trip have taken the meaning of the word resilience to a whole new level…. AMAZING. Personally I got so much out of the 5 days. It has definitely been a life Changing experience for me.  I cant wait to be part of the Life Changing team that will help change the lives of the youth of Australia.



For me Winston Churchill's quote:

“If you’re in hell, keep going.” Sums up my feelings toward the South Coast track. 

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